The Host

Megan was kind enough to share the following trailer with me after I had failed to find it:

It looks so much better than I could have possibly imagined. It literally gave me goosebumps. For those of you who aren’t giving this movie a second thought because you have negative feelings toward Stephenie Meyer after Twilight, please do not bite off my head for defending this woman. Just hear me out.

In the dedication of The Host, Stephenie Meyer writes, “To my mother, Candy, who taught me that love is the best part of any story.”

This is why I still love Stephenie Meyer’s books, despite the extreme persecution. The thing is that some people have issues with vampires. Some have issues with Stephenie Meyer’s writing. Some believe that Bella is a flat character. Blah, blah, blah. Think what you will about Stephenie Meyer and her books, but the fact remains that the woman knows how to write an excellent love story. In fact, her love story is so well done, that millions of readers are willing to overlook all of the other counts against her. And that is really what constitutes as a good book: one in which readers are willing to overlook its flaws because there’s something about it that’s just so good.

Now back to The Host. The Host is no Twilight. It’s so much more complex, with so many more characters, an original plot (okay, maybe aliens aren’t original, but they are a unique kind of aliens just like she did a unique species of vampires), a love square (yeah, not a triangle, but a square), the setting is more intriguing (though I do love the northwest setting of Twilight because that’s home to me), the stakes are higher—basically everything is just so much more intense.

The point, my fellow writers, movie watchers, and readers, is that The Host is full of awesomeness. Twilight was Stephenie’s debut, and The Host is her masterpiece. It’s one of my favorite love stories, perhaps only second to Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy. And the other elements of The Host—the near end of the human race, the fight-for-your-life action sequences, the unique and round characters, the witty banter, the hot men—they just make it that much better.

It’s often pitched as a science fiction book for people who don’t normally like science fiction. This is so true. And if you are a sucker for a romance like myself and many of my colleagues, then you too may find that you enjoy The Host. It’s coming to theaters March 29th, and you can bet I will be one of those people waiting in line for hours to see the midnight showing. Because that’s part of being a writer. We’re allowed to geek out like that.

Also, let me just add that I’m super excited for the actors they’ve cast for Ian and Jared. You may recognize them from The Lightning Thief and Red Riding Hood, respectively.

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