A Correction

I read an interesting twitter exchange yesterday about fat representation as regards women of color, and it hit me like a mac truck that my last post was very white-centric. In the images and examples I posted, I only featured one WoC. I apologize (this is a great example of how privilege makes you blind—though that’s no excuse). A series of thoughtful tweets below:

I don’t want to co-opt that conversation, so I’ll let those tweets stand on their own and only add the following:

As I did with the first post about fat representation, I’d like to show a few “plus-sized” WoC whom I admire greatly. I would love to read any book with similar main characters.

Image via curvygirlchic.com

Allison Teng: plus size blogger


Image via Fashion Bomb Daily

Amber Riley: singer, dancer, actress,  lady I’d like to have lunch with

Image via Plus Model Mag

Ashley Graham: plus size model, most gorgeous woman ever? Probably.

Kellie Brown

Image via And I Get Dressed

Kellie Brown: PR/marketing expert and plus size blogger

Image via nadiaaboulhosn.com

Nadia Aboulhosn: plus size blogger, model, and fashion designer

naomi watanabe

Image via everysimpleplan.tumblr.com

Naomi Watanabe: actress, comedian, Beyoncé impersonator.

Gabourey sidibe

Image via US Magazine

Gabourey Sidibe: Oscar-nominated actress

Image via eurweb.com

 …and truth-teller extraordinaire

Love these ladies. They’re succeeding in a world where even a size ten is “fat.”

Leave your recs for books in any genre featuring fat main characters–I’m always looking for more.

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