Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is



I hope you read that article. I’ve been thinking about committing to something along the lines of Bradford’s proposal, and I think she articulates exactly why it’s a good idea.

The reason why I’d been thinking about reading more diversely, long before I’d read the linked article above, was because of this tweet:

Apparently, there’s this old dinosaur of an adage in publishing that diverse books don’t sell. Look, don’t get me wrong, campaigns like #weneeddiversebooks are important, but we’re dealing with publishers, who are businesses. Along with hashtags campaigns, sales will prompt change. It’s the idea of “put your money where your mouth is.” I read almost exclusively female authors, but I was rather dismayed when I looked over my Goodreads books to see that the vast majority of the books I read are written by white authors. That’s not just on the publishers, that’s also on me. No judgments, but maybe we all need more self-awareness when it comes to our diverse reading habits?

If you need ideas on where to start reading outside of white, cis, straight, male, here are a few of my personal favorites:

courtney milan


radio silence

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