Sarah was born many years ago in the middle of a hot summer. The event of her birth was so momentous that on the other side of the world, a crazy dictator couldn’t handle the amount of awesome being introduced into the world at that moment and decided that he just had to invade another country to cope with all the awesome.

For the record, Sarah does not think invading other countries is an acceptable way to celebrate birthdays.

Years later, Sarah has graduated Brigham Young University with a mostly-useless (but totally awesome) degree in English and a slightly-more-useful (and equally awesome) minor in editing. She lives a nomadic life with her husband and works various odd jobs to help put him through school. She allegedly uses her free time to write and revise great works of original literature, but in reality, she’s more likely to be wasting time on tumblr or Archive of Our Own where she fangirls about dead French revolutionaries.

Sarah loves llamas, men in kilts, Harry Potter, and fluffy kittens, but not necessarily in that order.

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